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About Palmers

About Palmers

Early 1900’s

The Palmers Family Has always been involved in the Fish and chips industry dating back to the early 1900’s.



In 1958 Bernard Palmer along with his eldest son, Clive Palmer started the family business in Market street, Yeovil.



John Palmer, Bernards youngest son worked part time during school and while training to be a carpenter, then came into the company as a partner in 1970.

3 Shops

At one time Palmers had 3 shops in total, this included St John’s Rd and South street.



As the town developed and difficulty with access + parking in the 90’s we then decided to look for a bigger/better premises and that was Bunford Lane.

It took 5 years to get planning permission but finally opened in 1998 with the help from various family members and has been a great success and still is to this day, thanks to all its customers.